Create Advertisement for Vacancies in SAP

Create Advertisement

The following training tutorials guides you how to create advertisement for vacancies in SAP step by step.

  • Transaction code: – PBAW

Step 1: – Enter transaction code “PBAW” in the SAP command field and press enter.


Step 2 : – In next screen, click on execute button (or press function key F8).

create advertisement execute

Step 3: – On the maintain advertisement screen click on advert button to maintain new advertisements as per your business requirements.

maintain advertisements

Step 4: – Click on “Next free advertisement number” then advertisement number will be automatically generated for your reference.

Next free advertisement number

Step 5: – Select instrument from the list as shown below.

create posting

Step 6: – Update the following fields

  • Publication date: – Update the publication date of the advertisement.
  • Advertisement end date: – Update the advertisement end date.
  • Publication costs: – Update the publication code with currency and
  • Text: – Enter the descriptive text of the advertisement.

Create Advertisement in SAP

Click on “ADD” button below vacancies published and select vacancies to be posted from the list.

vacancies pubished

Click on save button or press (ctrl+s)0 to save the created advertisement in SAP.

Now you can see all the created advertisements from the list.

advertisements list

Successfully advertisement is created for the vacancies in SAP.

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